Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dr Goofy on Religion

I am an agnostic first off so I will state that. For those who don't know what that means and for those who only think you know. It means I believe in a higher being but I do not have a religion so I search religions and believes to find what is best for me and what evidence proves itself to me.

I feel that people have lost there way and it gets worse every year. We are all one species and we deserve to live together in harmony. Jesus stated (rather you believe in him or not is beyond the point cause the sayings are what matter) "Judge not lest ye be Judged" and "Love thy neighbor" these are great things to go off of. A lot of people for get these and throw that Jesus died on the cross for me and John 3:16. I am not here to debate on those I want to show these 2 teachings that are the core of my beliefs.

Not Judging people and loving everyone sounds good to me, doesn't it to you? I do not think Jesus would be down with you prosecuting others for having different beliefs just like me. we should add Thou shall not Judge as a commandment! It probably is not a commandment because the church liked to judge others IDK.

All religion has done is separate Mankind and make us fight one another for having different believes. Maybe the Christians are right and it was the devils trick. The devil gave us free will and knowledge according to your bible how is that a bad thing? This gives us freedom and the ability to think for our selfs. According to Satanism satan is the provider of knowledge and free will and saw the potential we had and gave us that gift and helped us while the other angels thought of us as a science experiment. If we would have remained ignorant and never gained the knowledge yes we would have never questioned god but also non of us would have existed, would we? and we never would have advanced to the civilization we are now as well. Where would we have been without knowledge?

There is also the movie Nin9es that states the demi-gods could create there own worlds and we could be in one of those.

Humanity needs there is something to believe in or believe there is a god and we have a purpose for being here. With out this purpose we lack other stuff. Why do you have to have this faith? All you are doing is feeding into dividing our species more.

Atheist do not believe in nothing as some may thing they believe there is no god why is this a problem? They believe in Science and logic and the fact that we are immortals as a cycle in the stars cause you can scientifically show that. But they also fight people with faith and for what end? more separation?

In the end why do we have to separate mankind with beliefs? Why do we have to Judge others? Why can't we just like everyone for who they are?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Guns don't kill assholes do



Mary jane?

This is a rant on how pot should be legal if achol and tobacco is...Getting lazy I know sorry Maybe I will come write them later

Cus Words

Who came up with cus words they are not in the bible I am not swearing or cursing you? WTF? Why are they forbidden what is the purpose of it come on!!!

video is better