Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Your Brain is on the drug of TV:

Ok honestly what has happened to good tv I remember when you use to get home and watch a good cartoon like TMNT or a good show like the Pretender. Now everything on tv is suspense, Drama, or the worst reality TV. I mean this is dumbing down are society, remember at the end of every captain planet episode you learned something to help the environment. What the heck do you learn from sponge bob? I also remember when you had to be smart to when a game show and not the best Prom Queen. If we go threw and find all the American Idols who will be left? They give this stars also no control over there own music. Oh another thing lets all watch some E! because we all need to know what Paris bought her dog why she went to get her pedicure I mean come on. What happened to good comedy's like Van Wilder. now we have a crap load of Will Farrel movies with the exception of Stranger then Fiction he never plays a different Character. Oh and what is with all these new comedy's like white chicks? These movies are so bad that you lose IQ points watching them.

I only watch Doctor Who, Heroes, History channel, and good older shows like Sliders and Pretender.

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