Friday, March 14, 2008

Cheer up emo kid:

So why are there this bunch of teenagers and college people who are depressed. What have they got to be depressed about? Oh my parents told me to take out the trash boo hooo... Get a grip. Let me tell you about my last couple years, both my grandmas died, my uncle died of cancer, my aunt died of cancer, my cousin got cancer but got ride of it but a bacteria attacked him so bad that there was certain medical implications. My grades suck, I am always behind, I have no relationships of a more then friend nature for quiet a while, I come home to an empty apartment and all my friends are busy, I found out a year ago I have depression. But you know what I am still up beat cause I know that tomorrow is another day and that I will face it with new hope and not dwell on what has happened or what shall be but to live in the now. So stop hanging out at malls they never change be happy you are alive and don't become a cutter. Life is a gift and live it as though you want to not as though you have to.

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