Thursday, March 13, 2008

So times I wonder if we are degrading as people:

So I use to work at Fun Plex which is an amusement park and I could not believe how stupid people can be. They never listened to you at the go carts so they would take off and not pay attention. They would try to climb into one of the rides that I had to open for them. On time a guy locked himself between the latch and the thing that was suppose to hold him in and wondered why the handles were poking him in the back. Yesterday at one of the meetings a coworker told me of one time a guy called in trying to accuse him of giving him ancient technology because he believed the Panasonic commercials that every thing was wireless and did not need plugged in. As a tech guy we got calls about people complaining that they broke the coffee cup holder on there computer or that it kept going in and knocking over there coffee... It was the CD drive come on people.

I just wonder if the world will not turn out to be as a bunch of idiots running the world. Are we degrading as a society or what? Are our brains just for show?

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