Sunday, March 16, 2008

Relationship advice

Ok so I am sick and tired of people complaining that the opposite sex is so confusing or that it is impossible to find a good man. Here is the thing it is not the opposite sex that is confusing it is your feelings for them that is blinding you and making you over think things or them sending mixed signals because they don't know if you like them back. As for the no good men they are every where but you are busy looking in the wrong spot they are not at your local bar they are inside hanging out. You have to find them in better places like the library or a book store. Also these nice guys keep getting screwed over buy girls because they want a mature relationship and the girl doesn't so in the end. Stop over thinking things, You make wrong choices now so later you can recognize the right one, the right guy is out there you just need to look better and everyone is confusing it is getting through the confusion that is the hard part.

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