Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dr Goofy on Religion

I am an agnostic first off so I will state that. For those who don't know what that means and for those who only think you know. It means I believe in a higher being but I do not have a religion so I search religions and believes to find what is best for me and what evidence proves itself to me.

I feel that people have lost there way and it gets worse every year. We are all one species and we deserve to live together in harmony. Jesus stated (rather you believe in him or not is beyond the point cause the sayings are what matter) "Judge not lest ye be Judged" and "Love thy neighbor" these are great things to go off of. A lot of people for get these and throw that Jesus died on the cross for me and John 3:16. I am not here to debate on those I want to show these 2 teachings that are the core of my beliefs.

Not Judging people and loving everyone sounds good to me, doesn't it to you? I do not think Jesus would be down with you prosecuting others for having different beliefs just like me. we should add Thou shall not Judge as a commandment! It probably is not a commandment because the church liked to judge others IDK.

All religion has done is separate Mankind and make us fight one another for having different believes. Maybe the Christians are right and it was the devils trick. The devil gave us free will and knowledge according to your bible how is that a bad thing? This gives us freedom and the ability to think for our selfs. According to Satanism satan is the provider of knowledge and free will and saw the potential we had and gave us that gift and helped us while the other angels thought of us as a science experiment. If we would have remained ignorant and never gained the knowledge yes we would have never questioned god but also non of us would have existed, would we? and we never would have advanced to the civilization we are now as well. Where would we have been without knowledge?

There is also the movie Nin9es that states the demi-gods could create there own worlds and we could be in one of those.

Humanity needs there is something to believe in or believe there is a god and we have a purpose for being here. With out this purpose we lack other stuff. Why do you have to have this faith? All you are doing is feeding into dividing our species more.

Atheist do not believe in nothing as some may thing they believe there is no god why is this a problem? They believe in Science and logic and the fact that we are immortals as a cycle in the stars cause you can scientifically show that. But they also fight people with faith and for what end? more separation?

In the end why do we have to separate mankind with beliefs? Why do we have to Judge others? Why can't we just like everyone for who they are?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Guns don't kill assholes do



Mary jane?

This is a rant on how pot should be legal if achol and tobacco is...Getting lazy I know sorry Maybe I will come write them later

Cus Words

Who came up with cus words they are not in the bible I am not swearing or cursing you? WTF? Why are they forbidden what is the purpose of it come on!!!

video is better

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Relationship advice

Ok so I am sick and tired of people complaining that the opposite sex is so confusing or that it is impossible to find a good man. Here is the thing it is not the opposite sex that is confusing it is your feelings for them that is blinding you and making you over think things or them sending mixed signals because they don't know if you like them back. As for the no good men they are every where but you are busy looking in the wrong spot they are not at your local bar they are inside hanging out. You have to find them in better places like the library or a book store. Also these nice guys keep getting screwed over buy girls because they want a mature relationship and the girl doesn't so in the end. Stop over thinking things, You make wrong choices now so later you can recognize the right one, the right guy is out there you just need to look better and everyone is confusing it is getting through the confusion that is the hard part.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

You are a robot:

Ok so this is the first time I shot the video before the rant.

Fake people tick me off ok I wish everyone could just be them selfs rather then be someone else cause they think it is cool or something. A lie can never become the truth so you can never be your true self until you stop telling lies. You probably are a great person and people should like you for who you are not who you wanna be. Be your self and you will be happy with your decision.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cheer up emo kid:

So why are there this bunch of teenagers and college people who are depressed. What have they got to be depressed about? Oh my parents told me to take out the trash boo hooo... Get a grip. Let me tell you about my last couple years, both my grandmas died, my uncle died of cancer, my aunt died of cancer, my cousin got cancer but got ride of it but a bacteria attacked him so bad that there was certain medical implications. My grades suck, I am always behind, I have no relationships of a more then friend nature for quiet a while, I come home to an empty apartment and all my friends are busy, I found out a year ago I have depression. But you know what I am still up beat cause I know that tomorrow is another day and that I will face it with new hope and not dwell on what has happened or what shall be but to live in the now. So stop hanging out at malls they never change be happy you are alive and don't become a cutter. Life is a gift and live it as though you want to not as though you have to.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So times I wonder if we are degrading as people:

So I use to work at Fun Plex which is an amusement park and I could not believe how stupid people can be. They never listened to you at the go carts so they would take off and not pay attention. They would try to climb into one of the rides that I had to open for them. On time a guy locked himself between the latch and the thing that was suppose to hold him in and wondered why the handles were poking him in the back. Yesterday at one of the meetings a coworker told me of one time a guy called in trying to accuse him of giving him ancient technology because he believed the Panasonic commercials that every thing was wireless and did not need plugged in. As a tech guy we got calls about people complaining that they broke the coffee cup holder on there computer or that it kept going in and knocking over there coffee... It was the CD drive come on people.

I just wonder if the world will not turn out to be as a bunch of idiots running the world. Are we degrading as a society or what? Are our brains just for show?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talk it out or face the wrath of the DEW

Ok so why is it that a lot of the time people have to be rude and not want to talk and express them selfs. I mean most problems can be solved with a simple calm talk. Then you get these people that after you say 5 words are offended and start yelling and instead of calming down and trying to approach it logically what do you do? You join in this madness. If more people in this world would stop being so judgmental and start looking at things from a logical stand point and talked things out with out going overboard we would be living in a better world.

So from now on when you are angry or confused go and talk with them rather then blowing up and going nuts. Be calm and logical, try to understand their point of view and show them yours. I think this way we can begin to live in a better world together.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Your Brain is on the drug of TV:

Ok honestly what has happened to good tv I remember when you use to get home and watch a good cartoon like TMNT or a good show like the Pretender. Now everything on tv is suspense, Drama, or the worst reality TV. I mean this is dumbing down are society, remember at the end of every captain planet episode you learned something to help the environment. What the heck do you learn from sponge bob? I also remember when you had to be smart to when a game show and not the best Prom Queen. If we go threw and find all the American Idols who will be left? They give this stars also no control over there own music. Oh another thing lets all watch some E! because we all need to know what Paris bought her dog why she went to get her pedicure I mean come on. What happened to good comedy's like Van Wilder. now we have a crap load of Will Farrel movies with the exception of Stranger then Fiction he never plays a different Character. Oh and what is with all these new comedy's like white chicks? These movies are so bad that you lose IQ points watching them.

I only watch Doctor Who, Heroes, History channel, and good older shows like Sliders and Pretender.

Boredom Killed the Dinosaurs:

Yup thats what really happened, no meteor, no ice age, one day they got bored and died. I mean we spend heaps and heaps of money to keep our selfs entertained. A recent study in Time Magazine showed that the majority of money for American(I know not everyone is Americans) is spend on leisure but the fact is that we spend no time doing it. So in this fast paced world we want everything to keep us happy and busy no time just to sit around and do nothing. This is ridiculous why don't we go out there and do something? Well our life have become so automated it makes me sick... I'm bored lets watch tv, or a movie, or social networking site(such as Facebook and Myspace). Whatever happened to the day when we were kids and we would go out to have fun not just grab a laptop?

Another thing we do is spend half of our life on the pursuit of a career that will make us money in the future. This is not pursuing happiness like we should this is pursuing the ability to secure stuff for the next generation and then they do the same it is an endless cycle. All I know is I would be a lot happier if I could just hang out and have fun with friends all day rather then worry about money.